Client Installation
  • Download client then extract, run exe file once as administrator.
  • Download by your website,
  • After start up MagConf.exe, select suitable login type, open mode login do not require password.
  • All room mode, user, password setting are stored on server, click show password to display all settings
  • MagConf client and server are designed with multiple start up, you can startup serveral client using the same webcam for testing.

Server Installation
  • After download MagConf server, extract the file, run mr.exe once as administrator to start software registration,
  • MagConf Server will run correct only after registration. After run mr.exe, another mc.exe will start up, it is the core of MagConf Server.
  • After run mr.exe, click start button, MagConf will wait for user to login
  • After receive our registration info, input to MagConf Server - Registration page as early as possible, system will activate in background.
  • Setup room, user and group, see setting.txt for detail instruction.

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