2.2.0 ver updates
  • Enhanced user popup menu:
  • Allow mouse left click, default is right click, to startup popup user menu, change on advanced setting.
  • Custom group and system group added on right panel, for group discussion before net meeting.
  • Special feature added, support selecting multiple user on right panel user list.
  • Enhanced webcam setting:
  • When motion detected, webcam will auto set to 100% resolution, then remote side can record image with full resolution.
  • Several webcam output effect added, ie. gray scale, sketch, brightness, contrast, blur.
  • Recording feature added, click on Rec button on client or setup auto recording on server script.
  • MagConf recorded file will be saved as mcm file, support direct search voice or moving frame.
  • McmPlayer.exe for direct play MagConf mcm file.
  • Unlimited recording time, max 2G for a single mcm file.
  • Auto recording any meeting room on server, mcm file can be stored anywhere.

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